Zinc Deficiency Symptoms: An Infographic

I’ve created this infographic below to share some of the common signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency. It makes for easy reading and pictures are just a bit more user friendly.

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I’ve created the infographic below to share some of the common signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency. It makes for easy reading and pictures are just a bit more user friendly.

Zinc deficiency is apparently quite common, and of course it can be quite severe in those of us with (untreated) Pyroluria. This important mineral is used by every system of the body, and so a deficiency can literally affect any or all body systems.

This is why the symptoms of Pyroluria can be so varied (and have us feeling like hypochondriacs…).

Feel free to share this graphic, pin it and spread it around to help make others aware.


P.S. I use Thorne Zinc Picolinate and I buy it from Iherb. They’re the cheapest source of quality nutritionals that I’ve found and they provide a great service. I’m always happy to recommend them!

  1. Thank you Sue , great simple and straightforward image ! I eat pumkin seeds 6 to 8 ( not cooked ) every day I help my prostate and at last blood check I was OK with the zinc.

    My Doctor was surpised to hear me asking the zinc measurement.

    I also eat sea products, including raw sea weed.

    Best regards ( from Belgium )



    PS is it possible to come back later on your web sie to consult again your presentations ?

    1. Hi Pierre. That’s great! Yes you can always come back to my site to re-read. The articles are always there. Just use the search box at the top of the page if you have trouble finding what you’re looking for. 🙂


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