Kombucha sourdough starter

RecipesHow To Make A Sourdough Starter With Kombucha

If you want to make sourdough bread you need a sourdough starter. This simple starter is made from kombucha and buckwheat flour and it works perfectly every time for my grain free sourdough bread. You can buy commercial kombucha or make your own.
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Grain free sourdough bread recipe

RecipesGrain Free Sourdough Bread: Cassava Flour Recipe

I've been playing around with gluten free sourdough recipes for a while but this grain free sourdough recipe using cassava flour is Paleo friendly and amazing. It's really good sourdough bread and the recipe is pretty much bullet proof - we've never had a failure yet!
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Leaky Gut Autoimmune disease

BodyThe Role Of Leaky Gut In Autoimmune Disease

After discovering I had autoimmune thyroid disease I learned about leaky gut, the consequences of it and how to heal leaky gut symdrome with the GAPs diet. I realised that if you have leaky gut you'll probably never have good health because your immune system is likely to continue to see food as an enemy.
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RecipesPaleo Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable and this cauliflower rice is not only quick and easy to make, but really tasty as well! Serve it with meat or eggs or even just on its own.
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