Living With Pyrrole DisorderCalculate Zinc, Copper and Ceruloplasmin ratios from blood tests

Following on from my recent post about the issues with copper overload, I wanted to share this information about how to calculate ratios of Zinc, Copper and Ceruloplasmin from blood tests as I have found it helpful. It allowed me to confirm my suspicion that copper may have been causing a lot of my symptoms by allowing me to work out how much unbound copper was floating around in my body as well as my zinc/copper ratio.
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Pyroluria diagnosis

Living With Pyrrole DisorderPyroluria Diagnoisis: An Update Two Years On

I can't believe that it's been over two years since I was diagnosed with Pyroluria. So what's changed? Lots of things have changed and I'm happy to tell you things are getting better! It's not all perfect yet, but I'm so very grateful for the benefits I've already experienced since I began taking Pyroluria supplements...
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