BodyWhy buy organic?

Organic – fad, fashion or fair dinkum? Well fair dinkum mostly when it comes to buying food, but it depends on where you’re looking, what you’re looking at and possibly what country you’re in.
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Toogoom beach

BodyWhy is Organic better?

Watch this short video for an explanation of bio-magnification and the potential for damage to our health that it creates. For those looking for proof that organic is better, I believe that this is it. This one little piece of information can help us to truly understand why switching to organic is so important.
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Raw cacao wafers

RecipesGluten free | Paleo Raw Orange Chocolate Slice [RECIPE]

I’ve always always had sweet tooth and I’m guessing I always will. Back in my ‘junk food addict days’ I used to eat lollies and lots of them, but these days when the sweet tooth rears its head I satisfy it with some sweet juicy fruit or occasionally something homemade, usually raw and delicious...
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