Calculate Zinc, Copper and Ceruloplasmin ratios from blood tests

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Following on from my recent post about the issues with copper overload, I wanted to share this information about how to calculate ratios of Zinc, Copper and Ceruloplasmin from blood tests as I have found it helpful. It allowed me to confirm my suspicion that copper may have been causing a lot of my symptoms by allowing me to work out how much unbound copper was floating around in my body as well as my zinc/copper ratio.

StemEnhance Ultra: Stem Cell Nutrition Supplement

StemEnhance Ultra

At the time of writing this post, I’ve been taking StemEnhance Ultra for about 3 months. I was (officially) introduced to StemEnhance a few months ago, however I remember reading something about it at some stage online. Probably a couple of years ago at least. How my introduction to StemEnhance (and Cerule the company that makes this amazing product) came about is kind of a funny story.