Raw cacao

Food And DrinkChocolate: The Tastiest Superfood!

We’ve all heard the news right? Chocolate is good for you! But not just any old chocolate will do. Delicious, dark, organic and preferably raw chocolate is the way to go if you’re wanting to take full advantage of the health benefits that chocolate can provide.
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Bliss Balls

RecipesMy Super Natural Bliss Balls Recipe

These bliss balls aren’t ‘super natural’ in the spooky sense. But they are super! And they are all natural! They’re full of lots of super foods to help keep you super healthy and they’re super yummy. So they’re a quick and easy way to satisfy that sweet tooth or chocolate craving in a super healthy way…
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Raw chocolate fudge

RecipesRaw Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Made with nuts, coconut sugar and raw cacao, this raw chocolate fudge is not only delicious but also a much healthier version of traditional fudge because it's full of the superfood goodness that raw cacao, coconut oil and nuts provide. Yum!
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