Pyroluria Diagnoisis: An Update Two Years On

I can’t believe that it’s been over two years since I was diagnosed with Pyroluria. So what’s changed? Lots of things have changed and I’m happy to tell you things are getting better! It’s not all perfect yet, but I’m so very grateful for the benefits I’ve already experienced since I began taking Pyroluria supplements…

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youtu video link , I can’t believe it’s been over two years since I was diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder (also known as Pyroluria). I’ve had people asking how it’s all going and I’m happy to say it’s all going really well.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I was lucky. I felt an improvement from my Pyrrole supplements almost straight away, and I’m certain that the reason I noticed those fast results was that I’d been working for two years prior on healing my gut with the GAPs diet.Pyroluria supplements

Many diagnosed with Pyroluria aren’t so lucky. They go from the excitement of finally having an answer, to the misery and disappointment of worsening symptoms with no relief in sight.

This is why (I believe) healing your gut is super important!…

Children (fortunately) seem to get results much more quickly once they start on supplements. I guess they haven’t had all the years of zinc deficiency that make such a mess of our digestive systems.

So anyway, what’s happened with me?

Positive results on Pyroluria supplements continue for me

It is with much gratitude that I’m happy to report that things generally continue to improve for me. My diagnosis with Pyroluria two years ago and the simplicity of my treatment (the nutritional supplements that I take daily) is truly a blessing.

It’s not all perfect – yet! And the truth is that it may never be. But the improvement that I’ve experienced over the last two years is amazing, and wonderful, and makes me incredibly happy when I look back at where I’ve come from.

So let’s take a look at what’s better:

  • Anxiety is about 80% better than it was two years ago
  • Fear has reduced – lots
  • My ability to talk to people without inner tension has improved – lots
  • That general feeling of ‘extreme inner tension’ has reduced – lots
  • IBS is almost non – existent
  • I digest food! (It doesn’t pass through me undigested anymore)
  • I have a lot less abdominal pain and discomfort generally
  • I don’t think I’m hypothyroid anymore (or it is much improved)
  • My brain works better – more like it used to when I was younger
  • I have very little fluid retention
  • The psoriasis on my scalp is almost gone
  • My fingernails and hair are strong and grow fast
  • Joint pain is much better – I often have none
  • My weight is much more fixed/stable
  • I am much less likely to overeat
  • My relationship with food feels much healthier
  • I can exercise again – and feel good after it!

There are a few things that I’m hoping might improve with more time:

  • Anxiety (it would be nice for this to reduce more)
  • Hormone levels (I’m pretty sure they’re still low but haven’t been tested)
  • Eczema has become an issue of late, but has also been a minor nuisance in the past
  • My weight – I’m optimistic that this will be more manageable especially now that I can exercise again
  • I still have joint pain sometimes
  • Social awkwardness – it would be nice to be able to socialise and have fun with other people without feeling that inner tension/discomfort/fear that is so familiar. This common symptom of Pyroluria is quite a bit better than it was, but it’s definitely still there and a problem for me. Fortunately I like wine! It helps… 😉

sue-signedP.S. Pyroluria supplements can be expensive. I buy most of mine from Iherb and Healthpost. Both have great service, great variety and cheap prices. I highly recommend them!

  1. Avatar Cheryl Jacobson says:

    Don’t keep me in suspense…so what was the cause of your depression, if not pyrrole disorder?

    1. Hi Cheryl. Mmmm I’m not sure I can explain enough here (I’ll get to writing about this one day soon), but basically an accident (or two) I had years ago caused chest compression and chest compression can cause depression. Release the chest compression and the depression was gone. True (evolving) story! More to come on this subject. 🙂

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