Adult Stem Cells: The Healing System Of The Body

Adult Stem Cells are basically the healing and regeneration system of the body. Many people believe that stem cell therapy and stem cell nutrition are the future of medicine and the potential that arises from the ability to increase the numbers of adult stem cells circulating in the body, particularly as we age, is really quite exciting!

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What are adult stem cells

Adult Stem Cells are basically the healing and regeneration system of the body. Many people believe that stem cell therapy and stem cell nutrition are the future of medicine. Honestly, the potential that arises from the ability to increase the numbers of adult stem cells circulating within the body, particularly as we age, is really quite exciting!

What Are Stem Cells?

Okay. This is going to be a pretty basic explanation. I’m no scientist, but this is how I understand it…

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. What this means is that they don’t have a specific purpose – YET – (apart from being a stem cell of course), and just like us (once upon a time), their future is wide open because they can become any type of cell they decide to be.

For example, for a cut on your skin to heal, part of the healing process involves stem cells becoming skin cells.

And, when you consume too much wine at dinner and your liver needs new cells to replace the old alcohol soaked ones, adult stem cells become new liver cells!

Stem cells also become kidney cells, they become heart cells and they become brain cells etc, etc.

You get the idea.

Stem Cell Benefits For Aging & Healing

So this is all pretty exciting stuff! The thing is that as we age, we often, for one reason or another, have less and less adult stem cells circulating in our bodies and for me that explains a lot about what I’ve seen over the years in my work as a natural therapist.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve seen (and often been very frustrated by) the difference in vitality between young people and older people.

Young people just heal and recover so much more quickly.

And even among older people, their general vitality often seems to influence how quickly they respond to the manual therapies that I provide in my clinic.

But I didn’t realise until I began to learn about adult stem cells a few months ago, that stem cells play a huge part in this difference between my younger, more vital clients, and my older clients.

Stem Cell Nutrition: Simple Stem Cell Therapy

I think most the world has heard about the debate over the harvesting and use of embryonic stem cells, and there is much excitement in the medical world over the research and potential uses for stem cell therapies in mainstream medicine.

It’s cutting edge science…

But as always, medical science is predominantly looking at the complicated, incredibly expensive, ‘catch them as they fall’ ways of using stem cells (both adult stem cells and embryonic).

The focus seems to be to take the various types of stem cells from humans and mess with them in labs, only to inject them into other humans, rather than finding ways to utilise the adult stems cells that we all have circulating in our bodies naturally.

Luckily there are scientists out there who actually have a vision for helping us to create real health…

Scientists who have a vision to help the body to do what it is designed to do, by creating stem cell nutrition products that work to support the release of adult stem cells. Stem cell nutrition products that can help us to age with more vitality and less disease, and hopefully avoid the need for those ridiculously expensive “catch them as they fall” mainstream medical treatments.

If we can take a stem cell supplement that has been designed and proven to increase stem cell numbers in our body, then what that means is that our body should be more able to renew cells as required during the everyday cycle of cell death and renewal with more efficiency, as well as heal and regenerate organs and tissues when required.

Cool! 🙂

Stem cell nutrition just makes sense. Doesn’t it?

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