infrared sauna therapy benefits

ProductsHealth Benefits Of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

The benefits of far infrared sauna therapy are many and varied. They include cardiovascular benefits, weight loss, improved skin condition, post exercise muscle recover and reduction of pain. Far infrared sauna use allows for increased cellular detoxification and reduction in inflammation leading to overall better health.
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make your own bentonite clay toothpaste

ProductsHow To Make Bentonite Clay Toothpaste: Recipe

Recently (a few months ago) I began using bentonite clay in my oral hygiene routine by making my own bentonite clay toothpaste – or to be more precise, tooth powder - and I'm a convert even though for 15 years I'd been using what I considered to be the best toothpaste ever!
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baccarat pressure cooker review

ProductsBaccarat Electric Pressure Cooker [REVIEW]

After reading a book about lectins in food and how pressure cooking reduces or removes those lectins I decided to overcome my fear of exploding pressure cookers and buy one. I had to do a bit of research because to be honest, I had NO idea what to buy and I realised there were a few things to consider.
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stevia plant

ProductsWhere To Buy Stevia Powder

Where can I buy Stevia Powder in NZ? Since my move back to New Zealand last year, I’ve found myself getting really frustrated with the lack of availability of some food items (and the prices!) that I’ve become used to accessing easily when I lived in Australia.
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