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We exist to help people over 40 years old (including ourselves) who are looking for better lifestyle changes. This includes weight-loss, skincare, food ideas, relaxation, low tox ideas and information on how to survive in this modern world and are looking for it in bite-size chunks. We admit to not having all the answers right away and we ask you to join us on this journey of commitment to constant and never-ending self-improvement.

ahealthymeal.com is not only just about food for the body but also for the mind and our overall lifestyle by taking small and easy steps overtime. We’d prefer to help the individual to achieve the best version of themselves by using a holistic approach to health that is going to suit their lifestyle. We would prefer not to impose social labels, standards or guidelines or expect anybody to adhere to them because everybody is unique.

It is a place for people looking to find a more active, productive and achievable approach towards their own personal health without relying completely on the given health system.

Unless otherwise stated, the writers on this website are not scientists nor are doctors or health professionals. Our main writer, Eve Mayhew is just a curious mum trying to figure things out about health, just like you.

She prefers to fact-check and research topics that matter to her and her family instead of relying on information that is already out there. She’s going to do her best in providing the basis of her unbiased discoveries and their references. Hopefully, this can help you to do your own research before undertaking any changes in your life.

However having said that, the information provided on this site is intended for general knowledge only and should not be taken as medical advice or treatment without consulting with a qualified healthcare professional as it may not be suitable for your own personal condition and needs. The opinions or suggestions mentioned in the articles are purely from our authors and should not be taken as professional advice. You need to be the best advocate for yourself in order to get the best help you need for your health.

Guest Bloggers

A Healthy Meal shares articles and information written by writers, bloggers, foodies and health experts who have shared their knowledge based on their expertise and own personal struggles with health issues. A Healthy Meal invites guest bloggers who would like to write and submit quality content to get in touch.

Eating a clean, healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring, so follow along, stay tuned for lots of healthy ideas and don’t forget to connect with us so you don’t miss anything!

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Keep it real and good health and happiness to you always!