What are adult stem cells

BodyAdult Stem Cells: The Healing System Of The Body

Adult Stem Cells are basically the healing and regeneration system of the body. Many people believe that stem cell therapy and stem cell nutrition are the future of medicine and the potential that arises from the ability to increase the numbers of adult stem cells circulating in the body, particularly as we age, is really quite exciting!
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Stem Cell Nutrition

Food And DrinkGreen Superfoods: AFA, Spirulina & Chlorella

What do Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), Spirulina and Chlorella all have in common? They’re all green, they’re all super and they’re all foods. That makes them all green superfoods! All three of these amazingly green foods provide superb nutrition and all three have different, but demonstrated health benefits for those who consume them.
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