StemEnhance Ultra: Stem Cell Nutrition Supplement

At the time of writing this post, I’ve been taking StemEnhance Ultra for about 3 months. I was (officially) introduced to StemEnhance a few months ago, however I remember reading something about it at some stage online. Probably a couple of years ago at least. How my introduction to StemEnhance (and Cerule the company that makes this amazing product) came about is kind of a funny story.

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2017 Note: I stopped taking StemEnhance Ultra in November 2017 after being on it for about a year. I realised that it wasn’t doing good things for me (you can read more about that here). StemEnhance apparently does great things for many people who try it, but sadly it wasn’t a good match for me. I was really optimistic when I started on it and looked forward to great things, but it wasn’t to be. 🙁  It just goes to show that we’re all different – even those of us who have Pyroluria, and so while there are guidelines an similarities between us, one supplement is never going to work for everyone. All we can do is try what makes sense, cross our fingers and pay attention to the way we look and feel…StemEnhance Ultra

At the time of writing this post, I’ve been taking StemEnhance Ultra for about 3 months. I was (officially) introduced to StemEnhance a few months ago, however I remember reading something about it at some stage online. Probably a couple of years ago at least.

How my introduction to StemEnhance (and Cerule the company that makes this amazing product) came about is kind of a funny story.

One of synchronicity, mystery and intrigue…. (well, kind of… 🙂 )

So it starts like this: I had been mulling over my need for a few things in my life – a naturopath who knew about Pyroluria, an answer to some regular abdominal pain that was concerning me, someone who could do a decent massage (because a busy massage therapist needs a decent massage therapist!) and a new network marketing business with awesome products to add to my business.

And guess what? (This is where the synchronicity bit comes in) – they all walked in the door at the same time!

How convenient…

Woohoo! My Naturopath Has Pyroluria!

So, for those who don’t know already, I’m a natural therapist. I provide remedial massage along with other manual therapies and I had this lady book in for a massage one day. Turns out that she’s a Naturopath and she’s just come back from the United States after a flying visit to help with the set up of a new business.

We get talking during her massage and I ask her if she’s worked with clients with Pyroluria.

“I have Pyroluria” she says.


OMG! How perfect….

So then we get talking about all things Pyroluria, and it turns out that she’s a real whizz when it comes to methylation issues and all that complicated stuff. Honestly, her brain is like some kind of weird, amazing physiology computer thingy!

Introducing StemEnhance Ultra

So then we’re chatting away and she starts telling me that she’s just been to the USA to help to set up this new business – Cerule – and she begins to share info about this StemEnhance product and what it does.

I was really interested almost before she began talking. You know when sometimes you just KNOW that something is right for you? This was one of those times. I already knew a little bit about stem cells and so I recognised straight away the potential in these stem cell pills if they were as good as she was telling me they were.

So, What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the healing & regeneration system of the body. You know that cells die and are replaced continuously in your body right? Well stem cells are the replacements.

Basically they are cells that can become any other type of cell…

  • Need new skin cells? Stem cells become those skin cells
  • Need new liver cells? Stem cells become those liver cells
  • Need new kidney cells? Stem cells become those kidney cells

I’ve written a post with a little more info about what stem cells are with some links to further info here.

So the potential for improved health, and reduced effects of aging that comes with increased numbers of stem cells in the body is exciting! I mean research shows that one of the main reasons for disease and decline as we age is reduced numbers of circulating stem cells!

And my naturopath has some really cool stories to tell after working with StemEnhance and seeing the results she and her clients have gotten over the past 10 years. (StemEnhance used to be marketed by another company in case you’re wondering how come a new company has a 10 year old product. The new company used to be called Desert Lake Technologies – now Cerule – and they have always owned the patent and grown the main ingredient – AFA.

Why I Really Like StemEnhance Ultra

So, the first thing I love about this supplement is the potential, as time marches on, for it to assist my body to heal and regenerate. Studies have shown the active ingredients to increase stem cell numbers and more adult stem cells means a healthier body. That too has been shown in studies, as those with more disease have been found to have much lower stem cell counts compared to healthy individuals.

So far I’ve had a fairly impressive result with an RSI type injury (trigger thumb) in my right thumb which occurred (of course) due to the hammering it gets from my busy massage practice and my (bad) habit of using my thumbs – lots! I was really concerned that I’d have to stop massaging because my right thumb was so bad, my left thumb felt like it was following suit, and both of my wrists were giving me quite a bit of pain on busy days…  But now I really feel like I’m on the mend which in itself is quite a little miracle considering my thumbs and wrists are still being hammered!

So I think there’ll be more articles to come on stem cells, StemEnhance and the other Cerule products because I really feel that they’re worth sharing. And of course sharing is caring…If you’d like to try StemEnhance for yourself, visit then choose your country to see more info on the products, prices, ordering options etc. Unfortunately, if your country is not listed on the home page, these products are not available to you YET. If you have questions or comments, or have trouble ordering, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

  1. great article Sue! thanks for your information.
    I too have been using StemEnhance for about 8 years and I LOVE the products.
    No aches, no pain, very flexible, sleep well, wake up alert, clear minded, and very happy…. plus I have heaps of energy.
    Good stuff, helps keep me young and vibrant!

    1. Thanks Mark! It’s early days for me yet, but I’m hooked and I’m looking forward to being able to say the same. 🙂

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