Niulife Balsamic Style Coconut Vinegar? It’s amazing…

This vinegar is naturally aged and the ingredients are simple. It’s made from coconut vinegar, coconut syrup and tarragon leaves which are soaked during aging.

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I came across this amazing balsamic style coconut vinegar when I was traveling in Western Australia, staying with my sister and on the HCG diet (also known as the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol).

(If you’ve not heard of the HCG diet, it’s a weight loss diet that strips weight off really  fast – average a pound a day –  it really works and you can find out more about it here – It’s a tough diet to do and it’s really  restrictive in not only the quantity  of food that you can eat, but the variety of food also. But it works – fast!)

So anyway, my sister and I were both doing this diet and we were getting really, really bored with the foods we could eat and we were on the hunt for more variety of the things that we were allowed to eat, just to give us a bit more flavour than anything and vinegar was one of those things.

Well, one day we were in the organic food store near her house and I found this Niulife balsamic style coconut vinegar. I bought a bottle to try and as soon as we tried it, we were hooked!

Seriously! This stuff was seriously like heaven to our taste buds being that we were living on such restricted foods, and for the remainder of our diet, I think that we went through at least a bottle of this vinegar every week! (When we could get it that was because the shop kept running out of the stuff! Popular? I think so…).So here’s the low down on this amazing vinegar…

  • It’s 100% certified organic
  • No GMO’s
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • It contains the ‘Mother’
  • It’s ‘Fair Trade’
  • It retails for about $12 (Australian)
  • It tastes AMAZING!

This vinegar is naturally aged (as are so many wonderful things 🙂 ) and the ingredients are simple (as all good food is). It’s made from coconut vinegar, coconut syrup and tarragon leaves which are soaked during aging.

And that’s it!

How do I use this amazing vinegar?

Well I’ve used it to make dressings with a little coconut oil and some herbs or cayenne, I’ve added some savory or nutritional yeast to it and I’ve used it on its own.

It really has a special flavour and can easily be used by itself to add a unique sweet vinegary-ness to foods. Here’s some ideas:

  • Sprinkle it on fish or salads.
  • How about over some halved cherry or grape tomatoes with salt and pepper? To die for….seriously….
  • Use it in my Chocolate Avocado Mousse instead of ordinary balsamic vinegar
  • Experiment and try it anywhere that you’d use other vinegars!

Where can I buy it?

You can buy this vinegar in your local health shop or organic shop and if they don’t have it, ask them to get it in. Alternatively you can order it here on Ebay.


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