How To Make a Green Smoothie Taste Delicious Everytime!

Top secret! How to make green smoothies taste great every time… Well, it’s not really top secret and that’s a good thing because you might want to know this little bit of information if you’re adding green smoothies to your diet.

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I know that when I first started experimenting with green smoothies a number of years ago, I had a few disasters, and I also know that that could put some people off trying again (not me though – thankfully).

So when I came across this video which explains the science behind making green smoothies taste great, I thought I’d best share because it’s really quite helpful! Now I have to confess that I didn’t know that that was why these ingredients make a green smoothie taste good. I just managed to work out what works over a few years of experimentation!

It’s pretty cool to know why though don’t you think?…

Lets drink to fibre!

And while we’re talking about smoothies, why not grab a copy of my FREE smoothie recipes?

Keep your food clean and your drinks green


P.S. Did you see my last post where I share my basic green smoothie recipe? If not check it out here.

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