What is Boron used for?

The more I’ve looked into the uses and the effects of boron on health, the more impressed I am by what I’ve found and even though we’ve been led to believe that boron (borax and boric acid) is toxic, it seems that this is actually untrue.

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Boron seems to be a forgotten supplement. It’s not one that I’d ever really come across until recently and I’d suggest that most of us have never considered taking boron at all because its benefits seem to have been kept out of the limelight.

I remember reading a bit about boron a while back and thinking to myself a the time that perhaps I should buy some, and then promptly forgot about it.

However a recent conversation with a work colleague prompted me again and as I do my best these days to pay attention when the universe keeps putting things under my nose, I set myself a reminder to have a bit more of a look into it.

It seems that boron has many uses and many effects on the body. Here’s a a list of just some of its uses:

  • Increases testosterone in men
  • Increases estrogen in menopausal women
  • Reduces the effects of aging
  • Helps to convert vitamin D to its active form
  • Potentially beneficial for cancer prevention
  • VERY beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases

Adequate boron is essential for healthy teeth and bones and being a regulator of cell membranes, it works in the body to allow more magnesium into the cells so best advice is to take magnesium (or use trans-dermal magnesium oil) and boron together for best effect.

The more I’ve looked into the uses and the effects of boron on health, the more impressed I am by what I’ve found and even though we’ve been led to believe that boron (borax and boric acid) is toxic even in very small doses, it seems that this is actually untrue (similar to the lies fed to the public about the toxicity of apricot kernels and vitamin B17).

There are many people taking borax (yes – the stuff you buy to kill ants and cockroaches) in various ways and getting great results, but for me it seems to be difficult to really know how much to take and so I chose to buy capsules so I know exactly how much boron I’m getting each day.

I am currently taking three or four 3mg capsules per day as the recommendation for those of us trying to resolve health issues seems to be about 10mg a day initially.

I can tell you that my husband and I both noticed benefits from the very first day taking boron. His every morning headache all but disappeared from the very first day (the headaches are something that he’s suffered with for years), and I’ve been feeling happier which is awesome! Although I’m aware that there may be some less pleasant effects off and on for a while as it does its thing in my body, I’m optimistic that the long term effects are going to be great.

I’ve included links to various articles and research so that you can see for yourself the results that this cheap and simple supplement can have.

If you’d like to try Boron yourself, you can of course use borax (if you want to work out how much to take and how to take it) or you could try the Boron capsules that I ordered here at Iherb (they’re cheap) and if you use my referral code ZZR118, you’ll get $10 off your first order if it’s over $40 or $5 discount if under $40.

Wishing you great health

  1. Avatar diana westfall says:

    hi can you please tell me about the less pleasant side affects of boron you mentioned in your article, is it safe for my mom 83 years young, with Coumadin as one of her serious pills she has to take for her mitral mechanical heart valve? she has taken tri-boron on and off for while, thank you, Diana westfall

    1. Hi Diana. What I was meaning is that sometimes when we take a supplement that allows our body to start ‘healing’ we can get unpleasant symptoms. Many people assume that these symptoms mean that what they’re taking isn’t agreeing with them, when in fact these symptoms may mean that our body is actually doing exactly what it is designed to do and moving us toward better health.

      It seems that some people starting on Boron experience symptoms (although of course not everyone does) that are purely a result of the body being able to detox more efficiently and beginning to heal. If the symptoms become too much, there is always the option to reduce the dosage and take it slower.

      I’m not qualified to say if it’s safe for your mom, but if it were my Mum and she’d taken it off and on for a while, then I personally would be quite happy that she’s fine with it. I hope that helps.

      Sue 🙂

  2. Avatar John Saunders says:

    I wanted to let you know that a few years ago I came across the Walter Last article you have linked.

    I was taking glucosamine as I had painful joints that interfered with gym work. Both myself and a friend started taking Boron (as per the standard dose instructions from the article – yes made from Borax). We both noticed a a general feeling of well-being after a month or so. As a challenge test I stopped the glucosamine after 6 months of Boron. Normally I would have joint pain after 6 weeks without glocosamine, but this time not.

    Currently I take about 30mls of solution (18mg Boron), as I have a fairly large frame, with no ill effects. Another unexpected side effect we both experienced is our body is better able to deal with the after affects of alcohol (I do enjoy a glass of red from time to time, but didn’t enjoy waking with a stuffy nose in the morning).

    1. That’s really interesting! Thanks John. 🙂

  3. Great blog! I thought it was only used for bone health, so really interesting to hear the other benefits!

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