HCG Diet [REVIEW] with BEFORE and AFTER shots

The 4 phase fat elimination protocol works. The skeptics can ‘poo poo’ it. Those who couldn’t stick it out and quit can rubbish it. But while they are waffling, whinging and moaning, there are thousands of people around the world who are doing it successfully and losing weight…

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My HCG before & after pictures using 4 phase fat elimination drops.
You can buy your drops here.

Well, it’s the 2nd of January, and no doubt lots of people around the world have made a resolution to lose weight – just like they have every other year.

The intention is real. The motivation is valid. The goal and the timing are understandable.

A new year after all, is akin to a new book, filled with blank pages, endless opportunity and the chance for improvement in all the areas of our lives where dissatisfaction abounds.

But sadly, history tells us that most won’t even get started, and many of those who do start, will give up long before they ever get close to their goal.

Fast Weight Loss: The Impossible Dream?

Most of us with weight problems wish we could just find a way to lose weight fast.

We do.

Because fast means we can see the results happening this week. It means we can feel the changes happening NOW, and it means we get to glimpse the end of the road (even if the road is a really, really long one).

Fast means that even though the road might be long, it’s straight, and we can see the end way off in front of us.

It means we can glimpse the end and know that it’s there, and know that it’s really real.

But frustratingly, we get told that fast weight loss isn’t possible, sustainable or workable.

And too often the whole weight loss thing feels a bit like wading upstream through a river of thick, gluey mud…

Slow & Steady – Blah!

We get told that the only way to lose weight successfully is to do it slow and steady – eat less and move more.

For many of us we then grit our teeth, pray lots and hope that we will eventually get there – that our bodies actually do what science and doctors and nutritionists say they should…

But sometimes ‘eat less, move more’ doesn’t work, and sometimes it just feels too hard, too long and too boring.

Sometimes we just want to get rid of that fat!

It’s A Change Of Lifestyle They Say

“To lose weight and keep it off requires a change of lifestyle – for life”. Well I, as much as any person on this planet, know that.

I’ve been living that for the past 20 years and more.

Having lost 45 kilos in my early 30’s and having kept most of that off ever since, I’m a pro when it comes to lifestyle changes.

I’ve spent the last 20 years learning how to eat clean while including various forms of exercise in my daily life.

I get it.

But in the past decade or more, pre-menopause, menopause, and now post menopausal with half a lifetime of undiagnosed Pyrrole Disorder and the physical effects that are a result of that, I can tell you that clean eating and exercise today simply help me manage my weight. Kind of…

These habits help me to keep it relatively steady.

They help me to stop my body and weight from spiraling out of control like it did when I was in my late twenties.

But clean eating and exercise doesn’t really help me lose weight.

Not any more.

Nothing much has helped me lose weight for a very long time…

Except the 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol – otherwise known as the HCG diet.

Buy everything you need and find out more about the 4 Phase Fat Elimination/HCG diet here.

The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol (HCG Diet) Really Works

You see I have experience with this diet and I know that it works. I lost about 15 kg using this diet a couple of years ago. The weight came off quickly and it stabilised well at the end. I managed to stabilise within a kilo of my finishing weight and it stayed there – until I was diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder.

When I had all my tests done, it was discovered that all my hormone levels were really, really low, and my doctor decided to try me on bio-identical hormones.

Well, the result was a whopping 8 kilo weight gain in as many weeks (as well as the return of all sorts of other horrible symptoms from the past). and even after I stopped using the hormones, the weight continued to climb for a while afterwards (I guess until the effects of the hormones ceased completely).

Sad but true…

So here I am, two years later, finally back on the HCG diet, losing weight and feeling optimistic.

Why did I take so long to try it again? Well, I did try it a couple of times in the past two years. But as most adults who have been diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder will tell you, when we start on supplements to reverse the effects of this disorder, our bodies do some strange things, and it’s all a bit of a roller coaster ride (to say the least…). Both times that I tried previously to to do the 4 phase fat elimination protocol, things became very uncomfortable for me very quickly (a story for another day).

This time is different so far and I’m happy to say I’m feeling great. (Update – it turned out to be not so different and I had to stop again. BUT, I live to try again another day 🙂

HCG Before & After Photos

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Check out these pictures of Sam’s success over at HCGandMe.com (Sam is my daughter 🙂 ).  I’m really proud of her.

Like me, she’s had a life long weight problem.

Sam had lost a heap of weight using the HCG diet and then was blessed with my beautiful little granddaughter who was born almost a year ago. As happens, Sam regained weight while pregnant. Her before photo was taken just a couple of months after the birth of her daughter, and her amazing weight loss was achieved over several rounds on the HCG diet last year. She is planning on reaching her goal this year.

The before and after photos above are mine from the last time I did the HCG diet (2014). There’s about 15 kilos and a couple of months between the two pictures, and I can say that for me this weight loss was a true miracle.

Over A Decade Of No Real Results

In the 10 years prior, I’d weight trained, run, did triathlons, did aerobics and tried every style of eating you can think of including more frequent small meals, counting calories, counting macronutrients, cycling macronutrients, cycling calories, low carb, high protein and the list goes on…

Nothing even came close to the weight loss experienced with this diet.

In fact, often when I was most determined and trying my hardest to lose weight, there was not only little to no effect, but sometimes the opposite effect! 🙁

For example when I joined a local gym in 2006, for the whole first year I gained weight – both muscle and body fat – despite counting calories, macronutrients and strictly following recommended eating plans for fat loss and muscle gain.

Thankfully, during my second year at that gym I lost a little body fat and a whole two kilos on the scales. I was a bit smaller (down a size or two but definitely not slim), although I’d gained a bit of muscle which is always a good thing.

And all this came about by simply running 5-8km a day, six days a week, weight training five days a week at lunchtime (heavy weight training – competing with guys type weights), riding my bike regularly and I also did one or two Les Mills classes after work each week. Usually Body Attack and Body Pump.

I also at this time walked to work and back most days and worked as a busy massage therapist… I was definitely active.

Frustrating? Much…

Those outside of the gym didn’t believe I even worked out I’m sure, and those outside of my home didn’t believe I ate the way I did.  🙁

The additional weight gain in the before photo above (about 6 kilos over my ‘gym days’) was the result of slowing down on my exercise for about 6 months (I was still walking and riding my bike at the time) and some added stress in my life (stress always puts weight on me – Pyroluria!)

Can You Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off?

Many people do exactly that using this diet. Follow the protocol correctly and your success is almost guaranteed – no matter how stubborn your body is.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been back on the protocol for 5 days and I’ve lost 2.5 kilos. I’ll add an update once I’ve finished and maybe some photos (if I remember to take them).

At this point I’d like to lose at least 15 kilos (again) and get back into a body I’m comfortable in. My starting weight is close to what it was the last time.

If you’ve made a commitment to yourself to lose weight this year and you’re considering trying this weight loss protocol, I’d say go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose except fat.

If you’re keen, you can read more about the 4 phase fat elimination protocol and buy everything you need here. (Make sure you watch the testimonial video on that page. The one with the ‘before and after’ pics. What an amazing result!).

I’d love to hear how you get on if you decide to do this and see some before and after pics. If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Happy new year

sue-signedP.S. Sam has a private support group on Facebook for those on the diet where you can also ask questions and get answers, or just share your experience, recipes or whatever with others.  Just send a request to join and Sam will add you to the group.

UPDATE: I didn’t manage to finish this round. That black depression hit again a few days after writing this, which is what had happened on previous attempts at this diet since starting on Pyroluria Supplements. So I decided to give it a miss until I was pretty sure I could do it. It’s now 2018 and I’m back at it. I’m close to the end of a short round and doing great. This time I’m using HCG1234 drops and they seem to be as good as the 4 phase fat elimination drops I’ve linked to above.

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