Review On The Vitamix 4500

If you’re looking for ways to improve your health, owning a good blender is a really great start! My recent investigations into the Vitamix blender have brought me to the Vitamix 4500. I’ve decided to do take a closer look to see what this blender has to offer so let’s get started.

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Vitamix 4500 review
The Vitamix 4500 is a Classic model Vitamix that’s been round a while now, but it still gets great reviews!
More info?
1. Read more about the Vitamix 4500
2. Choose from new, used or refurbished 
3. The new model? It’s the 1782 Turboblend

Whether you want to make seriously yummy smoothies and raw desserts, or you’re looking for ways to improve your overall health with a healthier diet, owning a good quality blender is a really great start!

Owning and of course using your blender (don’t forget to use it!) means that you can create great tasting concoctions out of things that you might not ordinarily like eating!

For example I add lots of leafy greens and even sprouts to my smoothiesmore than I’d ever eat in a salad – which makes them really easy to consume.

I also sometimes add seaweeds such as Dulce flakes or herbs and spices that I really don’t like the taste of. But in a smoothie I can disguise the taste with other, much yummier ingredients.

What that means is that in my smoothies, I’m getting great nutrition and lots of it, but in a form that’s partially pre-digested (by being blended it makes the food easier to digest), and with flavours that I love!

It doesn’t get much better than that. ?

My old blender is getting old

I currently own a very overworked Sunbeam Café Series blender that I bought about five years ago.

I’ve used my blender a lot since I bought it! To be honest it gets thrashed, which actually speaks loudly for the Sunbeam, because it’s a relatively cheap blender at around the $200 mark, and in my view, that makes it a great blender for the price!

I can honestly say that in a house with inhabitants that regularly consume juice, smoothies and other such healthy fare, my Sunbeam blender has well earned it’s keep – believe me!

But I fear that it may be approaching the end of it’s life…

Which vitamixMaybe it’s time to find a new blender

So with my blender showing it’s age, I’m beginning to fear for its continued ability to do my bidding.

And even though it’s handled most of the jobs I’ve thrown at it surprisingly well over the years, I’m considering investing in something a bit tougher.

Which blender?

Question: Which blender was the original ‘tough’ blender?

Answer: The Vitamix!

I’ve looked at the Vitamix blender in the past because, let’s face it, they’re an amazing machine. Vitamix have been around for a long time (since 1921), and they’ve set the benchmark (a high one) for other brands of blender on the market.

There are a few newbies that are now giving the Vitamix a run for it’s money. But the Vitamix is still well up the leader board! So lets take a look it and see what features the Vitamix 4500 sports and what it’s capable of.

So what are we looking for in a blender?

First thing’s first. We need to work out what we’re looking for, right? I made a list…

I like lists… 🙂

1. A really strong motor

We want a motor that can handle anything. I remember using a blender that my Mum and Dad owned a few years ago. I was trying to make hummus in it – you know – cooked chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice and spices. Nothing tough about that. But this hopeless thing they owned was overheating and really struggling!

I ended up taking it all out and mashing it up by hand as I was scared that I was about to burn the motor out! ?

As for my Sunbeam, even it still leaves bits of un-blended stuff in my ‘not so smooth‘ smoothies at times, and it does struggle occasionally. So I’m definitely wanting a blender with a stronger motor that’s going to handle anything I throw at it!

2. Variable speeds

For most jobs, a really fast speed is what you want. But faster isn’t always better! Sometimes you need to be able to sloooow the blender down, and so being able to adjust the speed, while not essential, is definitely handy.

3. Tough blades

The blades have to be strong so that we can blend nuts and seeds and hard stuff! You never know, we might decide that we want to eat ground avocado seeds! 😉

4. A large container

There is NO point in having a blender with a small container. We need a capacity of at least 1.5 or preferably 2 litres. That way we have enough capacity for most of the blending jobs we might want to do.

5. A clear container

So that we can see what’s going on….

6. A strong container

So that it’s going to last the distance and can handle the treatment it’s going to get blending ice and other hard objects as well as heat and cold. I’ve heard of glass blenders shattering while blending ice. That’s just plain dangerous!

7. A Plunger or Tamper

This is an essential for pushing ingredients down towards the blade when they get stuck. I’ve used blenders without tampers and they’re a pain in the butt!

8. A lid that seals well

It goes without saying that this is essential to keep liquids inside the blender while blending – where they should be. Especially important when it comes to blending hot liquids!

9. Easy cleaning

That speaks for itself really. A quick rinse under the tap is good! Who wants appliances that are hard to clean?

10. Easy operation

Idiot proof… – did I say that out loud? 😉 Well we don’t want anything in the kitchen that we need a license to drive! Do we?

vitamix 4500
The truth about blenders (and other kitchen stuff…)

What I’ve discovered over the years, is that when it comes to kitchen appliances (as well as other kitchen equipment) you generally get what you pay for.

If you rush in and buy a blender based on price, chances are you’ll get a piece of kitchen junk, that will join the other kitchen junk in the cupboard, and collect dust because it doesn’t do what you want it to do.

If you’re going to buy a blender, you might as well buy one that’s going to sit proudly on your kitchen bench and be tough enough to handle getting pounded every day for years.

I am so right, am I not?

Fact: The value of any given thing is in the ability of it to complete the tasks you bought it for!

So, does the Vitamix blender meet this list of requirements?

Let’s find out how the Vitamix 4500 stacks up

Is the motor strong enough?

The specific model that I’ve been looking at (the Vitamix 4500) has a tough and very grunty 2+ peak horsepower motor which is exactly what you want in a blender that you’re actually going to use.

As you’ll see when you read the reviews on this machine, it’s not quiet. But the sheer power of this blender and the speed at which it blends makes up for that.

Update: I’ve linked to the reviews on the new model – the 1782 – but you can see the reviews on the 4500 still here. They’re just as good. 

So you seriously want a motor that is able to blend whatever you want it to blend! And the Vitamix 4500 will have everything blended and silky smooth in a matter of seconds!

The motor on the Vitamix 4500 is thermally protected. This means that it’s a cool running motor that’s designed to handle the toughest blending jobs with the blades reaching speeds in excess of 200mph.

As an extra feature it does also have an automatic cut off to protect the motor from overheating – just in case you decide to blend car tyres or something!

Dual speeds

This is a 2 Speed Blender. This means (obviously) that this blender has two speeds which means that you don’t have to blend flat out all the time. Some things that do require only a slow speed.

..and what about the blades? Can they go the distance?

The Vitamix 4500 has a stainless-steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings. The blade assembly is made from hardened stainless steel making it tough enough to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it (or in it) including nuts, seeds and ice cubes and even avocado pits!

See the video above.?

The fact that it’s a sealed unit means that no liquid or food can get in to the bearings and clog things up or cause damage.

How about the container? Is it clear, strong and large enough?

The container on this Vita mix blender is a clear 64-ounce non-toxic polycarbonate container. This container is a good size (2 litre) and being made from polycarbonate means that is contains no BPA (that’s the ‘not so human friendly’ chemical that’s been hitting the news in recent times because of it being in plastic baby bottles).

The container is clear so that you can see what’s going on, and it’s virtually unbreakable (unlike my Sunbeam blender which has a big crack in the base of the container). It also has a non drip spout.

It comes with a tamper – right?

The Vitamix 4500 does come with a tamper that can be used while the machine is running to push ingredients down into the blade.

It is designed so that there is no danger of the tamper hitting the blades, and as I said above, this is a really handy tool to have when ingredients get stuck and don’t want to move. (ie The stuff down the bottom of the container is being blended, but further up the ingredients are stuck and not moving).

It saves having to turn the blender off and open it up to push the stuck ingredients down each time this happens.

Does the lid seal in liquids?

The lid has a simple locking mechanism to lock it on to the container, and it has spill proof vents to allow the safer blending of hot foods. The vent also stops any pressure build up which can be dangerous and cause burns.

There is also a plug in the lid that can be removed when blending to add more ingredients, and the plug is marked with measurements to allow it to also be used as a handy measuring cup.

Is it easy to clean and simple to use?

The Vitamix 4500 is designed to be easy to clean. Pop some water in and turn it on for a short burst. That pretty much does it and it’s simple to use – it has two switches. You can’t go wrong with two switches…

Additional Features

This Vitamix blender has an easy-to-clean front panel and it comes with a full-color recipe book included.

How big is it?

The Vitamix 4500 measures 7 & 1/4 inches by 8 & 3/4 inches by 20 inches

What about a warranty?

This is one of the best things about Vitamix! The Vitamix has a very generous 5-year limited warranty ( the newer models have a whopping 7 year warranty!)

What I’ve discovered about the Vitamix 4500

The Vitamix 4500 has strength and durability that you definitely won’t find in a cheaper blender, or (from what I’ve uncovered during my research), even in many other blenders in the same price range.

Vitamix blenders are kind of like the ‘Rolls Royce’ of blenders. 🙂

However, the fact that it’s undeniably one of the best blenders on the market isn’t all it’s got going for it.

There’s more!

The Vitamix 4500 is not just a blender

This awesome machine can do the job of several kitchen appliances which is gives us another reason to take a really close look at this machine.

This was what impressed me when I first came across the Vitamix brand and why I kind of fell in love with it… ?

The Vitamix 4500 can be used to make hot soups and sauces! Yep, that’s right – I said hot. Put the ingredients in your Vitamix and turn it on. Leave it to run for a few minutes and you’ve got steaming hot soup or sauce!

Just check out the Vitamix recipe for cheese sauce below.[content_box type=”without-header” color=”#fcffe0″]

How to make smooth, silky cheese sauce in the Vitamix blender

To make a silky smooth cheese sauce:

Add your milk, butter, flour (freshly ground in your Vitamix of course!) and cheese into the Vitamix.

Pop the lid on and turn it on.

The sound that the machines makes changes once the sauce is ready.

No stove required. Hot, smooth, satiny cheese sauce and not a burned pan or lump in sight.

That’s pretty cool![/content_box][vc_empty_space]

Other uses for your Vitamix blender

Your Vitamix 4500 can also be used to grind flour from wholegrains, or grind fresh linseed meal, coffee beans and even to make bread or pizza dough.

Just grind your grains into flour, add water, yeast and sugar and then make your dough right there in the Vitamix blender.

Use it to crush ice, make frozen ‘slushy’ drinks, chop cheese, make coleslaw, emulsify salad dressings, blend pesto and even make cold compost fertilizer for your plants!

What should you expect to pay for the Vitamix 4500?

Most of the prices I’ve seen for the Vitamix have been around $400 – $500. The cheapest I’ve found has been at Amazon.

 Check out todays price for the 4500

✅ Check out todays price for the 1782 (new model)

What others are saying about the Vitamix 4500

Vitamix reviews

The Vitamix 4500 receives rave reviews and has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Here are some of the comments to date:[content_box type=”without-header” color=”#fcffe0″]

  • I have had my Vitamix 5000 for 5 and 1/2 years and could not be happier with it.
  • This thing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Yes, it’s loud. VERY loud. But what it can do completely makes up for it.
  • I highly HIGHLY recommend this blender, and think it will rock your world.
  • You will never want to use a cheapo blender again.
  • When I used it for the first time, I was in awe of the power and efficiency of this baby.
  • To date I have never heard it bog down, no matter what we put in it.
  • A breeze to clean. Totally worth the money

I found very few complaints about Vitamix blenders in general and this one was no exception. A couple of people have commented on the noise, but they have also said that it’s worth putting up with the noise in exchange for the power that this blender has. Nearly all the people who buy and use this blender seem to be extremely happy with it.

Where can you buy the Vitamix 4500?

The Vitamix 4500 is often available from Amazon for less than $400 which from what I can tell, by comparing prices with other online merchants, is the best price available. Amazon also offer free shipping which means they often have the best deal available.  (Amazon is also a great place to read reviews by people who actually use this blender).

✅ Read more about the Vitamix 4500

✅ Read more about the Vitamix 1782 (new model)So let’s wrap this up. I reckon any Vitamix would be a great choice. They’re a solid, dependable, strong blender that are up for any job you want to throw at them and as for the Vitamix 4500? (Or the new 1782), well I’m pretty certain it would do everything I would want it to do and at this stage, I think I’m sold!

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  1. This is exactly what I am looking for. With the strong motor the Vitamix blender has, I won’t have to worry anymore about the kind of fruit or veggie I am blending for my smoothie.

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