Delicious Grain free Paleo Pizza Crust

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’m trying to stick to a low carb diet (for various reasons including weight loss, which, unfortunately still eludes me… 🙁 ) and recently I found this absolutely amazing ebook which has loads of fantastic grain free, paleo and low carb bread recipes. (If you haven’t already done so, you can read about that here).

As you’ll know if you’ve read that post, I was a bit excited because these recipes are way better than I ever would have imagined, and the author has even gone to the effort of including the nutritional information for each recipe so that we know how many carbs and calories, as well as how much protein and fat we’re consuming when we’re chowing down on this stuff.


So I’m gradually trying a few more of these recipes when time, need and ingredients allow, and guess what? I finally tried the pizza crust.


I didn’t think a pizza crust without grains could be so good! Even my hubby was really, really, really impressed….

It’s seriously good!

Is it Paleo and low carb?

This recipe could qualify as a Paleo pizza crust, depending on your ‘version’ of Paleo. It’s made from almond flour and arrowroot flour, but it’s also made using yeast, and there seems to be some discussion about the legitimacy of yeast risen products in a Paleo diet.

But who cares!

This pizza is grain free, relatively low carb at 15 grams of carbohydrate per serve and it tastes great.

It’s kind of chewy… I think that might be the psyllium?

But oh it’s good.

Grain free pizza with avocado pizza sauce?

And here’s where I got a little creative. I was super excited to be able to actually eat pizza cos it’s been a while you know…

But I have a sensitivity to tomatoes according to muscle testing done by my kinesiologist and so I’m avoiding them. Therefore my next problem was what to put on my pizza?

Well, I got a little inventive and I mashed up some avocado with a little garlic and some Thai red curry paste and then I spread that on my pizza before adding the rest of the toppings.

Weird? I know….

But the damnedest thing happened.

Even though I was seriously worried about cooking avocado because I’ve never done that before and somehow it seems kind of wrong, it tasted really good!And so there it was. The first pizza I’ve had in a damned long time and the best I’ve had in an even longer time (I tried a few gluten free varieties ages ago – blah!).

So come on! Where can I find this amazing Paleo pizza crust recipe?

I heard you ask that right?

Well it’s not in the Better Breads recipe book. Instead it’s in the Crusts, Crackers & Crisps recipe book that comes free with the Better Breads recipe book.

How cool is that?

Did I tell you about the other recipe books in my last post? (I’m not sure… but I should go back and read it…

When you buy Better Breads, you get Crusts, Crackers & Crisps PLUS Better Breakfasts for free. So between the three of them, that gives you a pretty amazing line up of Paleo and grain free recipes that cover all sorts of breads, pizza, crackers, pancakes and waffles. All for around $14.

Did someone say cheap? Hell yes…

Eat clean

P.S. My next venture is the Paleo Banana Bread! I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂 Or you let me know how yours goes after you’ve grabbed your own copy Better Breads and tried it for yourself.