What IS EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping is a powerful tool that gives us a way to delve into the past to uncover the emotions, traumas and events we’ve been keeping inside of ourselves – often since childhood – and let them go.

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EFT for stress
EFT is a fantastic self help therapy that can be used anywhere, any time, and that can help with many stressful areas of life:
EFT for Pain
EFT for Weightloss
EFT for Financial problems

Have you heard of EFT? EFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Technique‘ and it’s also commonly known as ‘Tapping’.

I first came across EFT about ten years ago and I recall being really quite intrigued.

I remember downloading this huge PDF document about EFT, printing and reading all the pages, and then experimenting whenever I had some time to myself.

The reason I was so interested in this Tapping thing, was because everything I read about it said that it could help with all sorts of problems – physical, mental and emotional – including stress and anxiety, and at the time (long before my Pyrrole Disorder diagnosis), I was battling with not only a number of ongoing health problems, but terrible anxiety that constantly threatened to take over my being, and that made living a normal life quite difficult.

So I read everything I could find about EFT. I memorised the tapping routine and I tried to get it to work for me. But even though I could ‘feel’ that it was having an effect on some things, I didn’t get the results I was looking for so I gradually gave up and stopped tapping.

I didn’t forget about EFT though. Over the following decade, I thought many times that I should get back to it. Finally about 12 months ago I did.Nick & Jessica Ortner from The Tapping Solution are world leaders when it comes to EFT, teaching many thousands of people each year. The have several courses available:

✅ Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment (I can personally vouch for this course and highly recommend it. It’s fantastic!)

✅ EFT Tapping For Pain Relief

✅ EFT Tapping For Weight Loss

The great thing about EFT is that once you understand how it works,  it can be used in all areas of your life. You have it forever!

So, What Is EFT?

To put it simply, EFT is a system whereby you can focus on a physical problem (pain or symptoms), an emotion or whatever you want to resolve, while at the same time, tapping on a series of specific acupuncture points on your hand, body, face and head.

The tapping, along with thinking, feeling and even speaking about the issue, allows you to accept it and then (all going well) release it.

It sounds crazy – I know! But it works – Let me explain a little more…

Our physical health is very much influenced by our emotional health. That’s a fact. Stress, our thoughts, our beliefs and our emotions, all play a huge role in our physical health. Much more than many of us realise.

So our thoughts, beliefs and emotions…. Where do they come from? and how to they happen?

The simple answer to that questions is – LIFE.

Let’s take a look.

Life, Trauma, Emotions And Beliefs…

We all begin each of our lives as an innocent, happy, joyful little human – and then life happens. Influences such as environment, family, friends, teachers and events gradually wear us down, influence our beliefs and change that perfect little soul that came into this world on day one.

For example, we might learn from our parents, our siblings or school that ‘it’s not okay to be me’. Or we might learn not to be too enthusiastic or too smart. We get put down, become fearful, or feel ashamed over what are often minor incidents or life circumstances. Then each of these incidents, and the resulting emotions, get stuffed down within ourselves, one on top of the other, so we won’t feel them, while at the same time creating a new ‘me’ that feels more able to ‘fit in’.

Avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure is what we all do naturally, so we stuff it down and get on with our lives, unconsciously doing our utmost to avoid ever feeling that pain again.

But as we stuff down these emotions, fears,  shame,  guilt etc, although we might not be ‘feeling’ them most of the time, they’re still there, lurking in the shadows and influencing our lives at every turn.

Then as the years roll on, and more of these suppressed emotions, events and traumas accumulate, we find ourselves living not as we dreamed of, unable to meet our goals (whatever they might be), and stressed, frustrated and confused about what’s lacking in the areas of our lives that have been left wanting.

EFT is a tool that allows each of us to work on ourselves.

It gives us a way to delve into the past and uncover those events and feelings we’ve been keeping stuffed down inside of ourselves – often since childhood. It allow us to discover the events (sometimes very simple events) that have been affecting our lives, by focusing on how we feel –  feeling the pain, and then accepting whatever has happened so we can let it go.

EFT Works For Me!

As I said, I’ve been back using EFT for the past twelve months or so, and I’m happy to say that it’s changing me and my life by making each day a simpler and happier experience.

But I had some help to figure out how to make it work for me.

I needed help so I signed up for a course over at The Tapping Solution, and I’m so glad I did!

✅ Find out more about the EFT course that I’ve learned from. 

I now use tapping most days. 

And because I’ve not finished working on myself and my issues, and life is what it is – a series of ups and downs – what I find is that when life gets busy and I stop tapping, I notice the difference…

What I mean is that life is so much better when I tap than when I don’t. Day to day stuff is more manageable when I tap to overcome the overwhelm that too many things to do can create, or when I tap to shift my thoughts from pessimism or sadness, to optimism and joy.

Life works when I tap.  😉

EFT is a simple tool for self improvement and a happier life and I feel blessed to have had it shared with me. I’m forever grateful to those who have developed and shared this powerful technique.

Now I’m sharing it with you.

EFT Tapping: A Tool For Pyrrole Disorder

For those who like myself have Pyrrole Disorder (or Pyroluria), EFT is invaluable. The physical, mental and emotional symptoms of Pyrrole Disorder can be both crippling and potentially life destroying, and while I know from my own experience that supplements and diet can help immensely, I feel that tapping helps to tie everything together and clear up some of the debris left behind by a lifetime of anxiety and fear compounded by multiple health issues.

I know that in my own case, my life long anxiety and fears have helped to shape who I am today. They have held me back and stopped me in my tracks many times in my fifty plus years, and because this has been the case for so long, I have many issues (still) to work on with EFT.

I’m a work in progress!  

And finally with the help of Nick and Jessica at The Tapping Solution, I feel like I’m mastering EFT and that I’ve now got a good understanding of how to use it effectively.

Trying to figure it out on my own just wasn’t working!

Where Can I Learn More About EFT?

EFT is an amazing tool that can be used by anyone of any age. Even young children can learn this technique which provides them an amazing way to prevent themselves from ending up with the emotional baggage that most adults have accumulated over their lifetimes.

What a gift to give a child….

There’s a lot of info around the internet about tapping, but I’d like to personally recommend The Tapping Solution because I’m so grateful to Nick and Jessical Ortner for doing what they do. They’re amazing and the way they teach EFT makes the process so simple and easy to learn.

I’m happy to say that they’ve helped me immensely with what they teach and for that I will be forever grateful. 🙂Nick & Jessica Ortner from The Tapping Solution are world leaders when it comes to EFT, teaching many thousands of people each year. The have several courses available:

✅ Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment (I can personally vouch for this course and highly recommend it. It’s fantastic!)

✅ EFT Tapping For Pain Relief

✅ EFT Tapping For Weight Loss

The great thing about EFT is that once you understand how it works,  it can be used in all areas of your life. You have it forever!

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