Cricket Protein Bars? Made From CRICKET Flour?

I have a bit of an obsession with protein bars – because finding a protein bar that’s not full of UN-real food, is about as rare as hens teeth. So these healthy, paleo friendly cricket protein bars are unusual & not only because they contain cricket flour…

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I have a bit of an obsession with protein bars. Not eating them – reading the labels. Because finding a protein bar that’s not full of UN-real food, is about as rare as hens teeth.

Have you ever read the ingredient labels on common protein bars? Or do you eat them?

Read the labels! Seriously. Most of them contain soy (GM) plus all sorts of genetically modified, hydrogenated, artificial flavours, colours, emulsifiers, preservatives and who knows what.

I’ve read labels on lots of protein bars that don’t contain one real food ingredient!

They might sound really good, and they might even taste okay (although I have my doubts), but the truth is that the cells in your body don’t know what to do with that all that crap that’s in them.

It’s not food!

Introducing Paleo friendly protein bars made with Cricket flour

What an awesome idea!

Traditionally, we humans have eaten insects forever and much of the worlds population still does. Insects would certainly have been part of the diet of our caveman ancestors. There’s no doubt about that.

What’s really cool is that not only are these protein bars 100% real food, but apparently, cricket flour contains a whopping 65% protein. They inform us on their website that

Insects are exceptionally nutritious. They are high in protein and low in saturated fats and sugars. They are a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids, and are also high in micronutrients such as iron, calcium and B-vitamins. Crickets, for example, contain substantially more iron than beef.

They also point out that crickets (and insects in general) are an environmentally sustainable source of protein and have little environmental impact. Crickets

produce virtually no methane, reproduce extremely quickly, and require minimal feed, water and space. It is estimated that crickets are 20x more efficient to raise for protein than cattle.

If you check out the ingredients on these protein bars, they are all made from REAL food like nuts, fruit, honey and (of course) cricket flour.

They currently have four flavours in their protein bars-

    • Cocoa Nut
    • Blueberry Vanilla
    • Apple Cinnamon

All flavours meet Paleo standards, which is great news for those following a Paleo diet, those who are gluten and dairy free and those who just want to find a healthy protein bar.The bad news (for me and no doubt for some of my readers) is that these protein bars are made in the USA and I’m in Australia. I’d be keen to try them.

Maybe one day…  😐 

Please note that apparently those people who are allergic to shellfish may have a similar reaction to crickets as the crickets have a similar substance in their shells.

Leave a comment and let me know if you try them!


P.S. I just discovered after re-writing this post, that there is now another brand of Cricket protein bars available. These Chapul bars (pictured) are not strictly Paleo as they contain pea and rice protein, but still the ingredients are pretty clean and if you’re not bothered by the pea and rice protein then they’re a good option by the looks with great.

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