Pyrrole Disorder and Weight Gain.

Does Pyrrole Disorder cause weight gain? I’m pretty sure it does for me as one of the symptoms of Pyrrole Disorder (also known as Pyroluria) is unusual fat distribution.

For most of my life (certainly my entire adult life), my weight has been an issue and I’ve been all sorts of sizes and shapes, from a seriously obese junk food addict to a skinny but very flabby vegan.

But if we take a look at other problems caused by Pyroluria, it becomes blatantly obvious that this disorder can certainly impact one’s weight and thus cause a weight gain.

This post is about the author's personal experience with Pyroluria and how she has dealt with it. The reader is strongly advised to seek counsel from a medically trained professional regarding this condition before embarking on any of the recommendations or suggestions mentioned in this article.

Pyroluria: Blood Sugar, Digestive Health & Thyroid

Blood sugar issues are common in pyroluria, as are digestive problems. Both of these can certainly have an influence on weight gain, or weight loss, depending on the individual in question. I know for myself, I had blood sugar problems when I was much younger (before I cleaned up my diet), and I still do without too much deviation from my (now) normal diet. I’ve also had a life filled with digestive issues, hormonal issues, and thyroid problems. These all can and do impact my weight. However, all of these health challenges are now much improved since starting on supplements for pyroluria four years ago and I have written these tips for managing pyrrole disorder.

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Pyroluria, Stress & Weight Gain

I remember first noticing in my twenties that when I was happiest and not stressed, I lost weight. When I was unhappy, I gained. This confused me because for many of my friends their experience was opposite to mine. But now I know that the bodily happenings caused by Pyroluria explain why. The already exaggerated stress response that results from untreated Pyroluria simply becomes more exaggerated with additional stress or unhappiness, making hormonal and digestive problems worse, and creating weight gain.

Makes sense to me…I’ve also realized over this last year how easily my (already dodgy) detoxification pathways can get messed up, and how much that can impact my weight! Let me explain…

Warning! Some Supplements Can Cause Havoc

I was introduced to an unusual supplement 18 months ago by a Naturopath I met. She seemed to know her stuff, had Pyroluria herself and seemed to have a great understanding of methylation, plus she was really, really good with big words. The stories she shared were amazing! So I started taking the supplement she told me everyone over 40 should be on and truly thought it was a great idea. I waited for miracles…

But for me, things didn’t go quite as planned. Instead, I gained weight – over 15 kilos in about 3 months!

The problem was that I didn’t realize at the time how much I’d gained. I could feel that I’d suddenly gained some weight, but I’d told hubby to hide the scales after decided I was far too obsessed with them, and so I didn’t actually realize how much weight I’d packed on until several months later when I finally brought the scales out of hiding and weighed myself. And I didn’t put two and two together until much later on after developing rashes on my back and on my arms, and my skin began to look really bad. I also began to realize that I was gradually feeling worse – emotionally and physically.

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I stopped taking that supplement that day. I looked terrible! My face was swollen and round with excess cortisol – my eyes had almost disappeared into my face. I hadn’t looked like that, or been that weight, for about 25 years.

That was last November (5 months ago now) and I’m still recovering. The rashes are almost gone and I’m working on the weight gain… When I mentioned my thoughts to the naturopath that sold me on the stuff, her answer was that it was probably messing with my detoxification pathways… Oops!

Probably.  👿 

HCG Diet To The Rescue!

So there I was. Weighing in at over 100 kilos. A weight I never thought I’d reach again.

My heaviest weight ever was around 120 kilos in my late twenties. This was prior to quitting smoking at age 30, starting some regular (if somewhat obsessive) exercise, then gradual experimentation with new ways of eating, and the subsequent loss of a massive 45 kilos over 4 years. Since then my weight has mostly been somewhere between 75 and 85 kilos – for 25 years – until now.

And so I’ve reverted to the only way that I know works for me to lose weight now – the HCG diet (or 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol). It’s fast and it worked for me.

The HCG diet is a tough diet. It messes with your head a bit, but I’ve been successful with it in the past. However, I’ve been unable to stick to it for more than a week since starting on Pyroluria supplements four years ago because I’ve found that each time I’ve tried, I’ve fallen into a really dark, crying beside myself with misery and unable to get out, kind of depression. And so each time I tried, I ended up stopping to save my (and hubby’s) sanity, and I decided a couple of years ago that I wasn’t going to try anymore. Not until something changed that I have detailed here in my pyroluria diagnosis two years update.

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I’m pleased to say that this time is different. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’ve been on supplements longer, or whether it’s because I’m using essential oils to support myself both emotionally and physically, but it’s working. I’ve lost 6kg in 3 weeks, having a few days off as I write this post, and then going back on in a couple of days for another 2 or 3 weeks.

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  1. Do you mind sharing with me what supplements you took that caused weight gain? About 5 months ago my nutritionist put me on some supplements and I gained 20 lbs fast. I just found out I have pyrrole disorder and trying to figure out what caused the severe weight gain and take the correct things. Thank you.
    Please private email me if you need.

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