Keto Breads Review. Recipe Book by Kelley Herring. Tried & Tested Recipe.

This Keto Breads review highlights features of this keto bread recipe book by Kelley Herring to see if it is worth buying. We’ve even tested one of her recipes.

Many of these yummy better bread recipes are also paleo-friendly, low carb and suitable (or readily adaptable which she shares the methods in her book) for food sensitivities and other diets.

The Keto Breads book review reveals what’s inside and why we recommend it.

Why Choose Keto Breads?

Many gluten-free products in the store and lots of recipes available online are made with high-glycemic starches that actually elevate your blood glucose faster than wheat itself! 

This means that most people actually GAIN weight on a gluten-free diet. This study done by the American Journal of Gastroenterology discovered that 81% of people who went on a gluten-free diet weighed more by the end of two years. 

You don’t have to choose between bread and being healthy, you just need to choose a healthier bread option. Low-carb bread does taste different than your conventional bread but it doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious.

By choosing Keto Breads, you can enjoy all your favorite breads without having to suffer through the adverse effects of grains. Keep in mind, however, that if you suffer from leaky gut, avoiding grain is the number-one step you can take to heal and restore your digestive system.

This is where Keto Breads comes in as it does a lot of the heavy lifting for you in the prologue of the book that will be very beneficial to the keto beginner;

  1. Most “Gluten Free” Bread is Worse For Your Health than The Real Thing (Learn the differences between low-carb and gluten-free)
  2. You Really Can Have Your Bread… And Be Well Too (Learn to choose healthier breads)
  3. Healthy Versions of Classic Comfort Foods (Learn to bake without gluten, grain or carbs)
  4. Reinvent the Rules of Baking (How Kelley Herring used her study in biochemistry to get the breads close to traditional breads)
  5. Stocking Your Pantry and Kitchen (Most of them can be found from Amazon or
  6. Measurements and Conversions (Each recipe shows both empirical and metric conversions)
  7. How to Get The Best “Rise” From Your Bread (Keto breads are not going to rise to the same extent as regular bread) 
  8. How to Achieve The Perfect “Proofing” Environment (Yeast breads need time to proof before baking)
  9. How Do You Know When Your Breads Are Done
  10. Cooling Your Bread
  11. Storing and Freezing Your Bread
  12. Egg Wash vs Water Spray vs Oil Drizzle (Each method produces a different result)
  13. Should You Make any Altitude Adjustments? (For those who live in high altitudes)
  14. Allergies, Intolerances and Healthy Substitutions

We find her to be a one-stop recipe cookbook expert that can be a good starting platform towards your keto journey.

Of course, no recipe book is not without it’s own pros and cons so here’s the quick lowdown;

Keto Breads Book: Pros and Cons


  • Been around since 2007
  • The author is one of the early online advocates in keto and overall healthy eating
  • Has alternative ingredients for those with allergies and food intolerances
  • Nutritional facts and macronutrients ratios are specified for each recipe
  • Plenty of good reviews
  • Comprehensive cookbook for low-carb, gluten-free bread recipes
  • Tasty recipes that are close to the original, traditional recipes
  • Easy to follow recipes for beginners
  • Can use basic kitchen tools
  • Upon purchase, comes in a choice of a trade paperback and digital copy
  • Quick-to-respond customer support (We actually contacted them too!)
  • Money-back guarantee


  • You can expect tasty results but do not expect to look like the photo if you’re a total beginner at this but then again we are hopeless at baking in the first place!
  • (For vegans) There is a short excerpt in the introduction regarding what you could use to replace eggs in their recipes but does not specify it on a per recipe basis.

You might be interested in our free keto banana bread recipe that we have created as a result of a little research and development by relying heavily on her recipe as the basis and adding a few twists from other highly-rated recipes from online users to create our version of a low GI (Glycemic Index) keto banana bread. Hopefully, it is a guide that could help you narrow down the recipes that will work well for you, faster and more efficiently, instead of being stung by the “shiny object syndrome” and wasting your time trying recipes that do not work for you.

Keto bread recipe book
Keto Bread Recipe Book: Better Banana Bread Recipe

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Why Buy Keto Breads Book

1. Skip The Frustrating Trial and Error Phase

There are so many free bread recipes online meant for the ketogenic diet, why would anyone buy a cookbook these days? These keto-friendly bread recipes were the result of hundreds of trials over a period of years in the Healing Gourmet’s test kitchen so that has saved us years of trial and error already. This would even save your sanity of going through all the online recipes out there too.

Generally speaking, keto bread recipes tend to either use almond flour or coconut flour instead of all-purpose flour. Using just one of these would pose a challenge to the taste of the end result but Kelley Herring has solutions that has been utilized in her recipes to neutralize or enhance the taste factor in her dairy free, sugar free bread recipes by balancing out her ingredients just right or by adding drops of stevia to get that eggy taste out of keto bread.

We have tried healthy breads before and they generally don’t taste anything like the real and traditional version. Some may even taste like cardboard and we have even read that some might even taste like you’re eating an “eggy” bread. If you like eating French Toast (bread soaked in eggs and milk, then fried), then that probably would not be a problem. However, for those who do not like it, we needed to find keto bread recipes that don’t taste like eggs as one of our guidelines.

You can’t just substitute the ratio of plain flour in a traditional bread recipe with either almond flour or coconut flour. It simply won’t work because almond and coconut have different properties and rising qualities compared to good ol’ plain or all-purpose flour.

2. Saves Baking Time In The Kitchen

More eating and less work is what we like.

Most of the recipes can be done in 15-20 minutes in preparation time, not including baking time.

3. Keto Bread Recipes That Promises Not To Taste Like Cardboard

The author even goes as far as saying that the delicious bread recipes in this book are not just good for you, they actually taste as good as the real thing and so delicious that you would swear that it must be bad for you.

4. No Experience Necessary

Keto breads review
Keto Breads Review: Real-Deal Keto Bread

You don’t need to be an experienced baker to achieve these healthy bread recipes. If you can recall when you were a child at a playdough activity; mixing ingredients in a bowl, shaping the dough in a ball and put in on a bread pan, then slip it into an oven, then you can make these breads!

This is an important criterion for us because we are not experienced bakers. Most of the things that we bake tend to turn out flat because baking is a science whereby just being a teaspoon off, can turn into a disaster. If we had beaten stiffen the egg whites too much, didn’t whip that egg white much or didn’t mix or fold the mixture enough, the dessert was just not going to turn out right. A lot of the photos we see out there, will make you think baking is really easy but it’s not for the complete beginner. It’s almost as if everybody else had their own fairy godmother of baking twirling her wand over their baking projects and ours decided to take a holiday whenever we attempted anything to do with baking because that was just how useless we were at it.

So far, the recipes we have attempted could be easily followed. However, if you’re just starting out and expect your final results to look like the glossy photos in her recipe book or any other book for that matter, then you have another thing coming, but you can be rest assured that they will taste awesome! It all turns into mush in your belly anyway!

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5. Recipes Backed By Science and References Included

There are quite a number of sections at the beginning of the book where the author discusses the science behind making good breads without grains, the ingredients that are used and even information on tools, measurements and nutrition.

6. Money-back guarantee

All of the reasons above got us intrigued and was one of our reasons for giving her recipe book a go, plus it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so it is really a no-brainer.

7. Extensive List of Recipes

You’ll also notice that there are a large variety of bread recipes listed below, from pita breads and tortillas, to burger buns and banana bread. The beautiful thing about these recipes is that they’re all grain free, and many are keto-friendly, paleo AND low carb!

What Recipes Are In The Keto Breads Recipe Book?

Keto bread recipe book
Keto Bread Recipe Book: Recipes List

Keto Loaf Breads

  • Sesame-Onion Sandwich Bread
  • Hearty Sandwich Bread
  • Almond Butter Bread
  • Classic Sandwich Loaf
  • Summer Zucchini Bread aka Keto Zucchini Bread
  • Better Banana Bread
  • “Corn” Bread
  • Keto Protein Bread
  • Cashew Sourdough Bread. Remove cashews for a keto sourdough bread.
  • Real-Deal Keto Bread
  • Keto “Rye” Bread
  • Keto French Bread. Can be turned into a keto garlic bread option.

Keto Flatbreads

  • Keto Pita Pockets
  • No Gordita Tortillas
  • Keto Rosemary Focaccia
  • Quick Keto Focaccia
  • Zucchini Panini Bread

Breakfast Breads

  • English Muffins
  • Better Bagels
  • Superfat Ny Bagels
  • Southern-Style Biscuits
  • Keto Drop Biscuits

Keto Rolls & Buns

  • Better Burger Buns & Sub Rolls
  • Keto Burger Buns
  • Herbed Dinner Rolls
  • “Secret Ingredient” Dinner Rolls
  • Superfat Dinner Rolls
  • Cheddar Slider Buns

Keto Crackers, Croutons & Crusts

  • Keto Croutons & Breadcrumbs
  • Herbed Cheddar Crackers
  • Sesame-Dijon Crackers
  • No-Ritos Nacho Chips
  • Keto Yeasted Pizza Crust
  • Superfat Pizza Crust

Bonus recipes for those with allergies and food intolerances

  • Homemade Grain-Free Baking Powder
  • Dairy-Free Sour Cream
  • Paleo Cream “Cheese”

Keto Breads Recipe Book: List Of Ingredients includes;

  • Blanched almond flour, finely milled, not “meal” (can be easily replaced with sunflower seed flour, if you’re allergic to nuts)
  • Coconut flour
  • Arrowroot
  • Tapioca
  • Organic psyllium husk powder                                    
  • Eggs (so not entirely vegan-friendly, but there are plenty of alternatives and homemade ones you can make to replace eggs that are mentioned in her book)
  • Yeast

She has included substitutes both commercial and homemade to cater to the needs of others with allergies and food intolerances.

Check out how we put one of her delicious grain-free recipes to the test:

We’ve mentioned the Keto Breads recipe book previously, in another post where we raved about the scrumptious grain-free, gluten-free Banana Bread recipe.

Before we tried them, we wouldn’t have believed that grain-free bread recipes could be this good. We truly feel that they’re worth sharing, and as we’ve said before, the ridiculously low price of this recipe book makes it a must-have for anyone who is eating a grain-free or gluten-free diet.

Who is Kelly Herring?

Keto Breads Kelley Herring
Keto Breads Kelley Herring: Author’s Profile and Tips on Keto Baking

In her book, it is mentioned that she is the founder of Healing Gourmet and author of the best-selling Guilt-free Desserts and Better Breads, now updated and renamed as Keto Desserts and Keto Breads respectively.

Her mission began when she was 18 years old, studying to be a doctor and had experienced some serious health issues starting from open sores trailing down her esophagus to problems with her digestive system. Her visits to numerous doctors and specialists just led her from one prescription to another that didn’t help her at all. And this persisted for years, until she finally knew she had to take matters into her own hands because her life literally depended on it.

20 years later, back in 2007, she became one of the pioneers in this field of gluten-free and low-glycemic recipes and refers to herself as a nutritional biochemist who took years to create and perfect many type of recipes by striving to leave all the nasties out and made sure they were filled with natural and healthy goodness.

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Keto Breads vs Better Breads

A big thank you to the customer support team member of Healing Gourmet, Kim Ray, who was very quick to respond to our questions regarding the differences.

Better Breads was the previous version that focused on grain-free and gluten-free recipes. Keto Breads focuses on that too and goes a little further into modifying their already great recipes to suit the keto diet with the emphasis on nutrient-densed and low-carb ingredients.

Quantity and quality of recipes

She mentions that some of the recipes from Better Breads (about 20%) were brought forward into Keto Breads and were improved upon based on the macronutrient needs of the ketogenic diet. Therefore, expect the recipes to be more geared toward supporting beneficial ketosis. Each recipe has been specified with its own nutritional and macronutrient ratio to ensure you will always be on track for your ketogenic lifestyle. In fact, you do not need to be on a keto diet to enjoy any of these recipes.

Available Versions

Better Breads was only available as a digital copy but Keto Breads is available in both digital and physical copy.

Additional Features

There is a section in the introduction of Keto Breads that shows what you can use to substitute eggs in their recipes and it comes with formulas and ratios you can use. Eggs are meant to be binding agents and give structure to baked goods. Therefore, expect the results to vary from the recipes made with eggs. Nonetheless, he reckons the end results will be quite similar and still be very tasty.


Do the recipes require special ingredients?

The book focuses a lot on using real ingredients without “fillers” or any additives. If you do find it hard to stock your pantry from your local grocery store, the book does suggest trying Amazon or iHerb which are trusted and convenient sources for getting any of the mentioned ingredients.

Are keto bread recipes suitable for diabetics and celiac disease?

The author admits she is not a certified doctor but studied nutritional biochemistry instead. Therefore, if you do have any underlying conditions, it is always best to consult your doctor first to make sure that these recipes are suitable for you. 

What if I am allergic to some of the ingredients?

The section on “Allergies, Intolerances and Healthy Substitutions” in the book will prove useful as she provides substitutions for dairy, tree nuts and eggs.

What else is in the book besides keto bread recipes?

The book does provide additional resources and links if you plan on incorporating keto meals into your diet. There’s more than 10 pages of tips and tricks when baking keto bread that we found to be very useful for beginners. You might discover that baking keto bread is a little bit different from baking regular bread. You will be dealing with almond flour and coconut flour that has a different texture, taste and structure to regular flour, as mentioned in our post on coconut flour vs regular flour [carbs comparison]

Are there any other recipe books by Kelley Herring?

Yes, Kelley Herring also has a recipe book full of scrumptious grain-free, sugar-free desserts. The sugar-free aspect uses real natural sweeteners such as erythritol.

It’s called Keto Desserts. The delicious dessert recipes are low carb, grain-free and just like the breads, many are paleo and keto-friendly too.

These dessert recipes are a dream come true for people with food sensitivities (like some of us) or those on low carb diets, and again I reckon the book is under priced and over delivers!

Keto Breads Review Summary

We hope you have enjoyed our Keto Breads review and will not be afraid to try this latest book by Kelley Herring. The recipes in the Keto Breads book (and the other keto recipe books that appear when you click the link) are great, and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

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