What is Pyrrole disorder?

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A recent (5 months ago) diagnosis of Pyrrole disorder (also known as Pyroluria, HPL, Mauve Factor and Kryptopyrroles) has, for me, truly been a blessing and it has put together all the pieces of what has seemed to be a huge, never ending, forever expanding puzzle that I’ve been trying to complete for a very long time. It has also set me on a bit of a mission to help create more awareness of this genetic disorder that is estimated to afflict around ten percent of the population.

The Myths About Bentonite Clay Sodium vs Calcium

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When I first started looking into Bentonite clay and using it, I, like many others, had been led to believe by information that I’d read online, that calcium bentonite clay was the only clay that should be used internally and that sodium bentonite clay was only suitable for external use. However, I have since learned the truth and that is that all bentonite clay is suitable for internal use…